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‘On The Day’ Stationery. What you need and why…

I’ve lost count of the number of times couples have messaged me to say they have forgotten about their ‘on the day’ stationery. On the day stationery is just that. It’s all the paper pieces that you will require for the wedding day itself rather than prior to the event. We’re talking menus, table plans, name cards, table numbers and all the fun bits of signage that keep everyone in the know. What you actually need will depend entirely on the kind of day you have planned, but there are some essential bits and pieces which we’d advise everyone to plan for.

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The Table Plan

We attended a wedding recently where the table plan had been ‘overlooked.’ It was chaotic to say the least and guests wandered around aimlessly looking to grab a seat wherever they fancied. A beautifully designed table plan will ensure that everyone knows exactly where they are sitting and you’ll be able to think carefully about who sits next to who.
There are so many ways to style a table plan; a large standing board looks great when styled with flowers and foliage whilst individual cards can be used as framed decorations or strung together to add extra detail. Either way, it’s important not to send your table plan to print too early. You’ll always have guests who are late to RSVP (and some that won’t at all) so wait 4-6 weeks before your wedding date to make sure your numbers are spot on.

Name Your Spot
Once your guests know where they’re heading, it’s a good idea to point them in the direction of seating. Depending on how informal your day is you might be happy for them to find their table and sit anywhere. Do check with your venue though as caterers often like to know where people are seated so that they can serve the right meals to the right guests.

Table Names
If you’ve got the table plan in place then you’ll need the table names and numbers too. It’s amazing to see how creative our couples get with naming their wedding tables; we’ve seen everything from favourite tv shows titles to countries the couple have visited. Equally a table number serves it’s purpose so the world is your oyster with this one.

Most venues will provide you with a printed menu if they are catering for your day. However, this won’t be recreated using your invite style and is likely to look very different to the rest of your stationery. Consider asking your wedding stationery designer to create a menu which incorporates your colours and theme as menus can look really lovely when styled with a single sprig of foliage or tied with rustic twine.

What’s happening next?
If you are marrying in church then an Order of Service stops people from ‘guessing’ what’s coming next. It will also include any prayer or hymn lyrics so guests can follow along and stops the embarrassment when they don’t know the words! If you’re not opting for a traditional service then you can also provide guests with details of what’s happening throughout the day.

Creating wedding signage is such a great way to stamp your personality on your day. I’m not advocating labelling up every single area of your day but again it’s great to see how creative our couples can be. From welcome signs to poems, quotes through to memorable phrases, your designer will be able to create all the quirky bits and pieces which make your day so personal.

If you are working alongside us we will remind you six weeks before your wedding day that it’s time to start thinking about your on the day stationery. Your bespoke design will run through all your individual pieces to make everything beautifully consistent and we are here to offer advice as to how to style all your stationery on the day.

Visit our on the day page if you’re looking for a little inspiration or drop us an email if you’d like to have a chat about all things wedding stationery related. We’d love to know your plans so far!

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